DECR organizes cheap group courses in a homely and professional setting in Rotterdam. No expensive classes with people from different levels but cheap classes in a small group of people with the same level. In a group course you will share the experience of learning a language with people from all over the world. You will also have the opportunity to practice your English during the many moments of conversation practice that will be offered. Our teachers are native English speakers that are qualified to teach languages.

The group course is an excellent combination of learning a new language while having fun and because the groups consist of maximum eight people, you will still get a lot of personal attention. If you have any questions or don't understand something, the teachers can explain it to you again or give you some extra exercises to do. Most of our students are expats, students and au pairs but everybody is welcome.


Foto Bart met Cursisten


English group courses are offered at six different levels:

  • Beginner (0-A1)
  • Elementary (A1-A2)
  • Pre-Intermediate (A2-B1)
  • Intermediate (B1-B1+)
  • Upper Intermediate (B1+-B2)
  • Advanced (B2-C1)

Courses last 15 weeks in which you will have 1.5 hour of lesson per week. The price is 250 euros.

Private Lessons


An individual program gives you the opportunity to learn at your own pace. It gives you the benefit of adjusting the program to your own demands. With an individual program it is also possible to focus on the topics of your interest.

Whether you want to focus on conversation or you want to learn more about English that is being used in the office, the program will be custom-made for you. Private lessons are very suitable for people who prefer to have some flexibility in the time of their classes. An individual lesson costs 60 euros per hour.


DECR Dutch Private Lessons


When you start with private lessons, you can have a first meeting in which your language level will be determined and in which you can express your demands. It is important for us to know exactly what your expectations are so that we can meet them as much as possible.